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Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh India

As people life is being very busy nowadays and their lifestyle is being changed. Most of the people are suffering from many deceases. Especially mental diseases like headache, migraine, anxiety, worry etc. Because of these diseases, they are suffering from many personal problems, professional problems in their life. These things make the person very lazy and cause an unhealthy life. This is the reason we includes each type of meditation in the teacher training course. Also, we offer a few days of meditation retreats in Rishikesh. During the practicing of meditation, you will feel many changes in internal action of the body and every cell of the body that filled with vital energy. As the vitality increase in the body, it increases the communication of peace, happiness, enthusiasm. Mental silence is also known as thoughtless awareness which experience is provided by the Anapana meditation and Vipassana meditation. For this, it doesn’t matter what is your age, gender, belief or status.

Is any person can sit in a posture for an extended time without moving or shaking, that person can feel the infinite peace and can be one-pointed mind. That person can feel soulful bliss in its both mental and physical state. This is the only thing that can help to stay concentrated on your goal and mental energy to fight with the problem that suffers the life. In the retreat, course student practices the three ways of meditations, which are Ana Pana meditation, Vipassana meditation, and Yog Nindra. Each of them has different techniques of mindfulness or focus on a particular object. This helps the student to train the mind to achieve a calm stage by emotionally and mentally. We practice all the classes in an Ashram which is just bank of the river Ganga in the Rishikesh, India. The atmosphere is very peaceful there. The beautiful morning with the sound of water flowing in the river and chirping of the birds. We welcomes all students and provides all the accommodations in just including the fees. In the accommodation, we provide maximum needs of the student and try to make the student feel comfortable. Come and join the meditation course with us and experience the peaceful word that you might never have experienced before. Heal yourself from the busy and worrisome world, and get relief from the problem in your life.

5 Benefits of Meditation

  • Peaceful Mind
  • Good Concentration
  • Better Clarity
  • Better Communication
  • Brain and body Rejuvenation and Relaxation

Purpose of Meditation

The Main Purpose and the goal of meditation are to go beyond the limit of mind and experience real happiness and nature, which is also described as real peace or bliss. People who meditate know that our mind is the only obstacle between our happiness and self-awareness. The Main Benefits of meditation is to take control of the mind and reduce the stress which is the major problem for every human being.

Chakra Meditation

Our Seven Chakras are the most important centers for energy flowing in the body, Through Chakra Meditation People can improve the key chakras and bring your mental and physical health in the more peaceful state. The Energy of our Seven chakras or spiritual power flows through the body run from base of the spine to the crown of the head. The crystal Chakra Meditate pattern helps to cleanse and balance the energy through all chakras.

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