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Yoga Teacher Training Certified With Yoga Alliance, USA

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A Nurturing Sanctuary for Yoga Enthusiast.

Yoga Training in India is a place where you can find balance, tranquility and regenerate abundant energy for the body amidst a noisy, stressful life.


Best Yoga Teacher Training in India

Shoolin Yoga School Conduct the 200 Hour Yoga Training, 100 Hour Yoga Training, Yoga and Meditation Retreats and other Teacher Training Programs which Pursue the Yoga Alliance Structure. Yoga Teacher Training from an Authorised School (RYS ) allows you to get register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Shoolin Yoga School is one of the reputed Yoga School in Rishikesh, India. We have educated more than 1000 Trainees from all over the world as Yoga Teachers certified to Yoga Alliance norms. The Origin team at Our Yoga School has practitioners who are founded in sequence yet contemporary in their vision and leadership. Our Energy lies in expound the ancient knowledge of yoga in to apparent and simple teachings that can be understandable and well-becoming to our times.

Shoolin Yoga is Located in Tapovan - Rishikesh, India. A Dynamic International Place of spiritual Investigators about 240 KM from the New Delhi. Tapovan is known as the forest of Yogis and Monks and considered the gateway of Himalyas. Our Yoga Teacher Training School is on the headland above the banks of Mother River Ganga and is surrounded by mountains on three sides.


Yoga Teacher Training Course's


Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh India

Participate in the universe of yoga and spirituality and truly enhance the experience of improvement. Travel to To immerse yourself in a rejuvenating yoga retreat with Shoolin Yoga School in Land of the Gods, Himalayan Adobe and the holy land of the Pious Ganga, Rishikesh, India.


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Shoolin Yoga School in Rishikesh, India, certified by 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, Yoga Alliance, USA (RYS-200), Rishikesh is the best yoga center for learning advanced yoga practices and getting comprehensive knowledge on various yoga techniques.


What is Yoga? Yoga Benefits and its Effects.

Yoga is known as one of the most practical and popular moderates to keep the mind admonition, the body healthy and the soul rejuvenated. The effects of Yoga have been well explained time and again by various eminent masters, (Supreme Masters) and yogis worldwide. Originating from India, Yoga has attained worldwide respect and many people prefer to come to India the origin land of Yoga to learn it from the Yoga Superiors. Rishikesh in Uttarakhand, India is quite popular not only for its geographical concernment but also due to its various Ashrams and Organizations offering to teach in Yoga and Yogic philosophy. In a precise sense, Rishikesh is comprehending as the Yoga Capital of the world for its prosperity and development of yoga teaching.


In the 21st Century a spiritual heritage is reclaimed and Yoga is very much part of it. Yoga Practice gives the direct and Tangible benefit to everyone on Physical and Mental level and body cleansing and strengthening are the most important achievement of yoga. Yoga works on holistic principle of harmony and unification which makes it so powerful and effective. Yoga is so far from simply being physical exercise this is an aid to establish a perception that what is real and necessary. How to established in life. This is an experience which can be understood intellectually, embraces both inner and outer realities. This can be only become knowledgeable through practice and experience.

Shoolin Yoga School Reviews

Our Students have something to say

Yoga Teacher Training India-Reviews

I have completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training here in March-19. This is a Fantastic place to practice true yoga. The Quality of the trainers here is fantastic, They are really so passionate about the every aspect of Yoga.They Listen to the students and consider each one situation. All The Training session were so good. The food and the rooms are also good. I will definitely come back here. Thank you for everything. I highly Recommend this place for yoga practitioners.

Written by Katalie Sedlakova – Date-30-Mar-19

My Overall Experience has been above my expectations. I joined the 200 hour YOGA TTC because I was ready to go further on my inner journey and to learn more about how I could connect to myself – in order to find the answers inside. If you come just with the open mind you will get so many things out of them and I believe your life will be filled with more love and peace. The accommodation and meals were excellent as well, School staff was all friendly and supportive and made my stay very Comfortable.

Written by Simon Borb – Date-04-Apr-19

Shoolin Yoga School Facilities

  • Single Room Stay
  • Shared Room Stay
  • Free Airport Pick
  • Three times Healthy Meal & Tea
  • Free Study Material
  • Weekly Excursions
  • Free Laundry
  • Free portfolio Design
  • Free WIFI
  • Support 24*7

Note - After Completion the Course Shoolin Yoga School will help you to get register your certificate on Yoga Alliance Website at no additional cost to get the full benefit of the Yoga Training and your name will be visible as a registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance U.S.A.


Why Learn Yoga in Rishikesh India ?

Rishikesh is situated in the foothills of Himalyas ans perfect place for those seeking to go deeper in to their inner journey. Rishikesh is also known as TAPO-BHUMI meaning the practice land of yoga and meditation of many Monks, Sages and Saint since the ancient times. Thousand of Monks and Saints have Visited the Rishikesh to do meditation and in quest of highest comprehension and self-realisation. The Energy of Yoga and Meditation and the power of spirituality of the Land makes our inner passage easier. To Learn more about our inner passage and transformational course such as 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

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